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WatchGuard Endpoint Security gives peace of mind by protecting businesses of all sizes with next-generation antivirus, EDR technologies and a full stack of integrated modules, combined into one package.

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Simplify complexity and reduce operational challenges

Single Cloud-based management platform to boost efficiency

Smart and simple automated security services

Zero Trust - 100% classification & threat hunting

WatchGuard Endpoint Security advantages

Advanced protection with a simple and unified defense

  • Technology based on the Zero-Trust Application Service, by default denying any execution until it is certified as trusted. No need to manually classify threats or delegate them to security admins.
  • Complete detection and detailed visibility into attacker actions and endpoint activity behavior.
  • Anti-ransomware technology: manage shadow copies with anti-tampering protection and leverage decoy file technologies within zero-trust protection model.
  • Remote containment actions are available from the console, isolating and restarting computers if needed.

Centralized, easy management and great performance

  • Operational simplicity with a single lightweight agent, a single management console, and the full power of its Cloud-based architecture.
  • Easy and rapid deployment, with minimal impact on endpoint performance and without the need for additional infrastructure.
  • Ability to automatically uninstall any existing vendor protection once the migration process begins.

Automated detection, containment and response

Get multiple layers of protection combined with two exclusive services at no additional cost:

  • The Zero-Trust Application Service automatically classifies 100% of the processes and applications, only allowing execution of those verified as trustworthy.
  • The Threat Hunting Service detects suspicious behavior carried out by hackers and advanced threats, identifying indicators of attack (IoAs) that minimize detection and response time (MTTD and MTTR).

Extend Your Capabilities With Our Security Modules

Patch Management

Discover, prioritize, and deploy critical Windows operating system and third-party application patches to prevent cyberattacks and mitigate known vulnerabilities

Advanced Reporting Tool

Generates security intelligence in real time by delivering deep insights into your applications, network, and users' day-to-day operations and actions

Full Encryption

Strengthens control over hard disks and USB drives containing sensitive data, ensuring that the data remains protected from theft and unauthorized access.

Data Control

Monitors personal and sensitive data on endpoints. Automatically discovers and audits personal data to help comply with regulatory requirements.

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