5 Easy Ways to Fix Your Wi-Fi Network

July 24, 2019

8:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM GMT)


Your Wi-Fi network has been established for a while, so you may be thinking that there’s really no need to change it right? But are you confident that your Wi-Fi network can block the latest wireless network threats and prevent hackers from stealing your data?

In this webinar, Jim Steinbacher, Wi-Fi technical evangelist, will cover five easy ways to fix your Wi-Fi network, making it possible for you to have visibility into your wireless connections and provide secure Wi-Fi access to all your users. During the webinar we will cover:

• The importance of Wi-Fi network design
• Fast Wi-Fi access, without sacrificing security
• How to centralize your management, network visibility and troubleshooting
• How to block hackers from getting your employees, visitors and guests
• What you need to enable a Trusted Wireless Environment for your organization


JimSteinbacher_headshot_cropped.jpgJim Steinbacher
Wi-Fi Technical Evangelist
WatchGuard Technologies