GDPR Implemented: Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned

March 29, 2018

8:00 AM PDT (US) | 3:00 PM GMT (UK)

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By now, you know what the deadline is for GDPR compliance. You know who falls under the regulation and what is considered personal data. Hopefully you are well underway in taking the necessary steps towards achieving compliance for your organization, but if not – now is the time to start. 

Join Dakota Blagg, Compliance Program Manager, and Ben Oster, Technology Alliance Product Manager, as they discuss their experiences implementing the General Data Protection Regulation at WatchGuard and chasing the GDPR down it’s many rabbit holes. They’ll recount some valuable lessons learned in weighing the needs of a business against the new regulatory environment, look ahead at the two months left before implementation, and help you understand the steps you can take today to get closer to GDPR compliance.


Dakota Blagg
Compliance Program Manager
WatchGuard Technologies
Ben Oster
Technology Alliance Product Manager

WatchGuard Technologies