Enabling Layered Security for Multi-Dwelling Units

27 May, 2020 - 8am PDT (3pm GMT)

Webinar Summary

The number of multi-dwelling units (MDUs) – ranging from hotels, college dorms, nursing homes, apartments and condos – are continually on the rise. Providing Internet to your residents is essential but so is having a security solution that can handle large amounts of traffic and secure the network at the same time.

Join us in this upcoming webinar with Milena Babayev, senior product marketing manager for Wi-Fi and Stephen Helm, product marketing manager for network security, as they discuss how to keep your MDU secure, including:

  • Cost-effective solutions you need to keep up with the rising wired and Wi-Fi demands of your users
  • Use cases for dorms, hotels, assisted living, smart apartments and condos, and military housing units
  • Ways to keep hackers away 24/7


Milena Babayev
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Stephen Helm
Product Marketing Manager