Internet Security Threat Report: Top Q1 Threats and How to Defend Against Them

Thursday, August 2, 2018

8:00 AM PDT / 3:00 PM GMT

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Every quarter, the WatchGuard Threat Labs releases an Internet Security Report that describes and analyzes the top threat trends impacting companies around the world. The report highlights the leading malware variants, the most common network attacks, and the biggest breaches or security incidents from the period. Join Corey Nachreiner, CTO, and Marc Laliberte, senior threat analyst, to learn some of the results from Q1 2018, including:

- How malicious crypto miners are increasing as a malware payload
- How an old worm has come back to haunt Italians, and what it does
- A new twist on an attack technique that enables attackers to break DDoS records
- Which region saw a huge increase in malware


Corey Nachreiner
Chief Technology Officer

Recognized as a thought leader in IT security, Corey spearheads WatchGuard's technology vision and direction. Previously, he was the director of strategy and research at WatchGuard. Corey has operated at the frontline of cyber security for 16 years, and for nearly a decade has been evaluating and making accurate predictions about information security trends.

Marc Laliberte
Information Security Analyst

Specializing in networking security technologies, Marc’s responsibilities include researching and reporting on modern information security trends. With speaking appearances and regular contributions to online IT publications, Marc is a thought leader providing security guidance to all levels of IT personnel.