Cloud & Virtual Firewalls - Extending Your Security Perimeter

25th February 2021 | 10am - 11am UK Time | 11am - 12pm CET

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Extend Your Security Perimeter

WatchGuard FireboxV

Organizations of all sizes are turning to virtualization to reduce costs and increase the efficiency, availability, and flexibility of their IT resources. But virtualization comes at a cost. Virtual environments are complex to manage and vulnerable to security threats. IT must be prepared. Now applications can be secured, resources can be maximized and your IT department can reap the rewards of having a single, unified management system – without a security risk in sight.

WatchGuard's FireboxV brings best-in-class network security to the world of virtualization, enabling your virtual environments to be just as secure as your physical one.

WatchGuard Firebox Cloud

It’s a fact – businesses are migrating services from on-premises servers into the cloud. Email servers, web servers, customer relationship management systems (CRM), and file storage are migrating to public cloud services. With so much sensitive data moving to the cloud, security is essential. WatchGuard’s Firebox Cloud allows network administrators to extend their security perimeter to the cloud and protect servers running within a public cloud environment.

WatchGuard Firebox Cloud provides the same award-winning UTM security available in our Firebox appliances to protect servers running in public cloud environments.

Please join the webinar to find out more about WatchGuard FireboxV and Firebox Cloud and the benefits for your business.