Cytomic is Now WatchGuard Endpoint for

Our products and services marketed under the WatchGuard-Cytomic brand continue to evolve, stronger than ever, as part of the WatchGuard Portfolio and the Unified Security PlatformTM

Our partners and customers now have access from a single vendor to a broad portfolio of enterprise-grade network, endpoint, and identity security solutions and numerous platform features that deliver comprehensive security, shared knowledge, operational alignment, automation, clarity, and control from the WatchGuard Unified Security Platform.

WatchGuard Endpoint for SOCs



Threat Hunting Service

Empower the SOC

Unlock your defensive efficiency and resilience against ever-evolving threats

Automate your security operations

SOCs play a key role in protecting organizations against evolving threats and extending the attack surface.

Our comprehensive portfolio and the WatchGuard Unified Security Platform accelerate the modernization, automation and optimization of network, endpoints, identities, and other security controls, anticipating unknown and sophisticated threats before damage is done to customers.

A Complete Endpoint Security Stack created to optimize Security Operations

With this consolidation, the solutions previously marketed under the WatchGuard Cytomic brand become WatchGuard-branded and integrated into the portfolio of endpoint solutions for SOCs

WatchGuard Orion

Formerly marketed as Cytomic Orion

WatchGuard Orion is the comprehensive, multi-tenant Cloud platform that enables SOCs to speed up and be more efficient in their hunting, detection, and response operations for unknown and sophisticated cyber threats.

The 365-day visibility, automated behavioral analytics, and numerous specialized tools enable SOC professionals to discover, investigate, and remediate hidden threats that managed to evade other security controls.

Give Your Analysts Orion Superpowers →

WatchGuard Advanced EDR/EPDR

Formerly marketed as Cytomic EDR/EPDR

Endpoint prevention, detection and response solutions that, in addition to the Zero-Trust Application Service and the Threat Hunting Service, include advanced security capabilities that allow analysts to search for indicators of compromise (IoCs and Yara rules) and set advanced security policies, on top of WatchGuard EDR/EPDR products.

WatchGuard Cytomic Patch, Encryption, Insights, SIEM Connect and Data Watch modules are renamed to their corresponding WatchGuard Endpoint Security modules.

Expose Danger Wherever It’s Hiding →

Premium Threat Hunting Service

Formerly marketed as Bronze Threat Hunting Service

Managed threat hunting service created so that partners can proactively identify and respond to sophisticated threats that have evaded other security controls, but without the hassle of hiring specialized and scarce profiles, such as threat hunters.

With the Premium Threat Hunting Service, the partner extends the security service with the option to delegate threat hunting activities to WatchGuard's team of hunters.

Extend Your SecOps Team →

*Product branding may be visible in certain areas of the products as it will change throughout the 2022 and 2023 releases. This won’t entail any changes for you – quite the opposite. You will immediately benefit from new WatchGuard Unified Security Platform capabilities and access to the entire WatchGuard portfolio.

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WatchGuard Unified Security Platform™

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