Wifi4EU: Tips for Making the Most of Your Voucher

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In 2017, the European Commission launched the Wifi4EU program to enable free Wi-Fi connectivity at municipalities throughout Europe. Initial projects will commence in early 2018 through a first come, first served online application process. Successful applicants will receive a voucher award of about €15,000 per deployment for public administration buildings, libraries, parks, and town squares.

So how do you make the most of your Wifi4EU voucher? Join Director of Product Management Ryan Orsi as he dives into:
  • How the Wifi4EU program works
  • Who can apply for a €15,000 voucher and a timeline of when they will be awarded 
  • What can be purchased with the voucher: details on commitments expected by the European Commission by municipalities awarded a voucher
  • How to get the most out of the voucher: Wi-Fi solutions with the most value, lowest equipment footprint and built-in splash pages


Ryan Orsi
Director of Product Management
WatchGuard Technologies