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The Need for Network Security Manageability Tools: The Three Phases of Evolution


Why simplicity provides the evolutionary advantage

As the Internet has become more technologically varied and complex, so too has its vulnerabilities and the exploits against them. For years, security professionals have been in a veritable evolutionary arms race, matching ever-complex threats with ever-complex defenses. It’s too much—time, money, human resources. It’s time for another approach.

In this report from Frost & Sullivan, find out why richer tools that automate and simplify security management are the next link in the evolutionary chain:

  • How increasingly complex systems overtax security professionals.
  • Why richer, automated tools can relieve professionals from reactionary tasks to take on strategic planning.
  • About next-generation tools already available, like WatchGuard Dimension, that provide real-time visibility across the entire payload.

Stop knocking yourself out scrambling to compete with complexity. Let the tools do the work so you can gain the visibility you need to protect against new and more sophisticated attacks.

Get the full analysis in the report.

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